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Bezmialem Vakıf University Faculty of Pharmacy, which started education and was established on the 24th of April, 2010 is an innovative faculty that teaches in 30% English. The purpose of our faculty,  is to raise students that, as new members of the pharmaceutical career, are bound with theoretical and practical knowledge at an international level, that have assimilated a scientific point of view, are productive and responsible, that have a competency to cover humanities, our countries, the health sectors and the drug industries chemist requirements with professional ethic values.

For this purpose, besides aiming to raise all of you as qualified pharmacy pharmaceuticals, hospital pharmaceuticals and clinic pharmaceuticals we also aim to raise you with an interactive education model where you can take on the task of industrial pharmaceuticals in order for you to contribute to the biological, biotechnical and nanotechnical medicinal research and development studies which have gained great importance today.

Pharmaceutical training is multidisciplinary and mainly consists of medicine, chemistry, life and medical sciences. Since atleast half of pharmaceutical training is carried out in laboratories, ever since the establishment of our faculty,  all of our laboratory practices (Analytic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmaceutical Botanics, Pharmacognosis, Pharmaceutical Technology) have been , without delay, are being carried out, with most of our classes including Anatomy and Clinical Pharmaceutics classes, in laboratories and clinical practices. By carrying out experiments in these labs, our students get the opportunities to  use many equipments and devices in areas of developing medicinal analysis, medicinal active substance synthesis, new formulas, nanotechnological medicine and they get to be prepared for the whole field of the medicine industry and pharmaceutics.


Besides the intense practices in the laboratory classes, our students have the advantage to be in the same environment with the University Hospital during their clinical pharmaceutics class applications and the privilige to carry out one to one clinical pharmaceutical classes with out Medical Faculty teachers , thus this is one of the most important features which separates us from other faculties.

Taking into account the two specialty fields ; the Clinical Pharmaceutics and Phytopharmacy fields that have been approved by the Ministry of Health in 2014 for the pharmacists, the Clinical Pharmaceutics practices in the Medical Faculty clinics have gained strength and we are trying to gain our students into society as graduates who have benefitted from Turkeys first YÖK approved Phytotherapy Education, Application and Research Center (BITEM). Because of the contributions we have made to education in the Phytotherapy field we have received the 2015 Golden Mortar Award. In case the Pharmacy Faculty graduates pass the Pharmaceutics Postgraduate Exam (EUS) they will be able to receive education in our facaulty as one of the four Faculty of Pharmacies which have gained authorization for the first time in this field in 2017.

In addition to these , we have students who travel abroad under the Erasmus+ programme and stay there for atleast a semester or 1 educational year. In fact some have found opportunities to do internship. We have agreements with countries such as Italy, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania. Some of our students have joined the summer school regarding the Faculty of Pharmacy's Clinical Pharmaceutics within the collaboration of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Also, the student/lecturer movements and information transfer is always possible at the University of Porto in Portugal and the Xinjiang Medical University in the Uyghur- Xinjiang region of China.

Besides working freelance and in hospital pharmacies, our faculty graduates are able to work in pharmaceutical companies (research and development, quality control, production, patent, registration, clinical research, pharmacovigilance, marketing and administrative sectors), research centers, government institutions (Ministry of Health, State/province Health Departments, etc) and as academicians at universities. In order to prepare our students for these tasks in the best way possible we allow them to gain skills and experiences with intense practices in our modern technologically equipped laboratories besides the basic theoretical education and technical classes.


Prof. Dr. Gülaçtı TOPÇU

Faculty of Pharmacy Dean