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 Internship Process



The mandatory internship process's of our students are as follows :


Pre- internship Process :

-  The student must fill in the internship approval form and get it approved by the Internship Committee President before handing it over to the institution of internship.

- The student must deliver the approved Intership Approval Form to the institution where they will be training as an intern.

-  The student must first of all fill in the areas required of them in the form themselves ;they should obtain 3 copies of the form , and must get the required areas filled in by the institution where they will be training in.

Students must hand in the Mandatory internship form with the Insurance Declaration form, 2 photographs and ID photocopy to the Faculty secretarial on the announced dates. 
The students admission procedures will be completed when all forms have been transmitted to the Financial Affairs department.

Note:  The students must hand in their regarding documents ON THE ANNOUNCED DATES before the end of the business day so that their insurance admissions are not delayed.


Documents requested before internship :

Internship Approval form

Insurance Declaration Form

Mandatory Internship Form (3 copies must be filled in)


Post Internship process :

Mandatory Internship Evaluation Form (Must be filled in by the workplace Inter Supervisor) and the Internship Book must be handed over to the Faculty Secretarial at the end of the training during the first class registration term.


Documents requested at the end of the internship :

Mandatory Internship Evaluation Form

Internship Book

Note:  The Internship Books shall be received from the Faculty Secretarial while handing in the internship documents.


BVU Mandatory Internship Evaluation Form.docx

BVU Mandatory Internship Form.docx

BVU Mandatory Internship Approval Document.docx

BVU Mandatory Internship Insurance Declaration Form.doc